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Gezocht: Back-end developer Django/Python

Doordat we hard groeien zijn we per direct op zoek naar een ervaren Back-end developer die met zijn kennis van Python ons team komt versterken!

pullrequest open source

Send it upstream!

It’s no wonder that enterprise adoption of open-source software is rising steadily.


Flexbox: Tables going crazy

This is what you’ve been waiting for your whole life! The product you always wanted, the missing key in your life. Try it now, and you’ll never want to return.

user generated bricks

User-generated bricks

Big data is like a pile of bricks, if you have just one it’s plain and simple, a brick. But once you collect more you gain the power to build fascinating products: roads, bridges or buildings.

Elastic Search logo

Extending Haystack's Elasticsearch backend

Haystack provides an interface similar to Django’s QuerySet, which instead enables easy querying in one or more popular search backends.