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User-generated bricks

Big data is like a pile of bricks, if you have just one it’s plain and simple, a brick. But once you collect more you gain the power to build fascinating products: roads, bridges or buildings.

I’ve picked these three to emphasise the fact that visualisations are roads that lead us somewhere, a persuasion to a certain goal, showing us the way to new insights. Visualisations are bridges between the potentially hidden conceptual information and common sense understanding of what it actually is. And last but not least, visualisations are buildings, magnificent structures that can be built in various shapes and forms with exactly the same bricks. So what is that power? Visualisation.

Bricks of data

Various data is carefully collected for our projects, however at that point it is just a pile of bricks. And when it comes to building with these user-generated bricks we are responsible to build the right tool while keeping our customers’ needs in mind. One can frantically search for just the brick they need or stare into oblivion not knowing of the possibilities. And in the same way an architect would look at the bricks, we look at the data.

Summarisation Techniques

With way too much data available and only a specific selection needed for some of our projects we use summarisation techniques. Simply put, reading plain texts as they are posted by the users in the form of blogs or messages. Subsequently extracting the key topics that people are talking about allows to collect a set of personal interests. Ranking these interests leaves us with quite precise set of information collected about the user. Smarter sampling or filtering can be applied as well, bringing the whole set down to just the bits that are the most important to know. In the context of company interests this is a highly valuable asset that can be applied to improve logistics and productivity.

Take control and Play

Visualisation is the next layer that is used for insightful interpretation of data. Adding various interactions to the data invites the customers to take control and play, while showing the data from a different perspective. And while our simple status reports are turning into interactive environments with maps and timelines, dashboards into real-time infographics, stay tuned for the 3D visualisation of profile filled with your personal interests that are derived from your own activities.